Lion’s Mane: Nootropic Benefits From This Superpowerful Mushroom

In ancient Chinese culture the lion’s mane mushroom is revered for its nutritional and medicinal value. We’re only now catching up with this craze in the west. So let’s find out why the shaggy mushrooms are so popular. You can see soulcybin – can you overdose on shrooms for more information.

Most commonly, the Lion’s-mane mushroom can be found in Asia and North America. This mushroom bursts from dead wood or decayed hardwood in a cluster with icicle spines. Don’t be fooled by its unnatural appearance – the mushy has powerful nootropic effects.

Hericium Erinaceus, the Latin name for this mushroom, literally means hedgehog. Also known as the monkey head mushroom, old man’s beard, Japanese yamabushitake or even bear’s heads, this is a versatile and tasty mushroom. We don’t need to explain why.

Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, fungi enthusiasts, this mushroom has a roaring array of health benefits…

Anti-Immunity Mushroom Lion’s Mane

Don’t you think we all wish to have a long and healthy life? Today, people are more aware than ever of how important diet is in building immunity and preventing diseases.

You may not have known that lion mane is immune-boosting.

Lion’s Mane is a polysaccharide known as beta-glucans. What does this mean, you may ask? It’s a way to describe how beta-glucans can improve our immune response.

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