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Google Reviews – 4 Tips To Boost Your Positive Reviews

A recent survey by Dimensional Research revealed that “a majority (over 90%) of those who had read online reviews stated they were positively influenced in their purchasing decisions. However, only 86%) said negative online reviews affected the decision to buy. Read more now on Preview Stars.

Here are 4 simple ways to improve your Google review

If your database is large, for example 3500 clients or greater, then you may want to hire Feefo. Google is a partner of Feefo, and they have a contract to make sure that the reviews are authentic. Your database is sent to them, and they contact your customers on your behalf.

Feefo has been certified by Google, so your customers will be more inclined to reply to requests. Google verifies your reviews so they are trustworthy. The fees they charge are reasonable, and you can include them in your online marketing budget.

2) You can also try Five Star Review System if you’re a small website owner. They have rates starting at only $49 per calendar month. The system they use seems to be very effective in helping your business gain more positive reviews. Although they’re not Google partners, you can claim to have an independent review system that guarantees your reviews are authentic.

You may create your program in order to increase the number of reviews. You can ask them to leave a positive review while they are still feeling satisfied. You don’t want to let the window of opportunity pass. Once your customer feels euphoria, they will no longer feel it.

Let your customer know how important a service they are doing you when they write a review. Explain to them the benefits you will receive from this review. The majority of customers love to do this and are willing to assist.

If your client knows how valuable this particular favor is, they are more likely to provide you with a review as well as a referral.

4) Recognize your customers that write reviews. Contact them right away, tell them you’re grateful for what they did and thank them. Your appreciation must be prompt and genuine. For this you can either monitor review sites or set up a notification system that will notify you of any new reviews.